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- Our Marine Carpet Styles -
(Good) Standard 16oz. Marine Carpet: Our economy line of 16oz. Marine Grade Boat Carpet may be used on any boat or indoor/outdoor application. Even though this is our “economy” line of boat carpet, its lower cost does not mean that it is a lower quality carpet when compared to our other carpet styles. The difference between our 16oz. style carpet and our 20oz. style carpet is the amount of carpet fibers per square inch. This 16oz. carpet style has less carpet fibers per square inch than our 20oz. style. As a result, the 16oz. boat carpeting is not as plush as our other higher ounce carpet styles. Though not as plush as our higher ounce marine carpeting, our 16oz. Marine Grade Cut-Loop Carpet is a great quality made product designed for the marine environment. Finally, a marine grade carpet that will keep your boat looking great season after season for an affordable price! Our 16oz. marine carpeting is offered in 15 colors and many different sizes to fit your application. Custom carpet cuts are available!

(Better) Premium 20oz. Marine Carpet: Our premium line of 20oz. Marine Grade Boat Carpet is also great for any boat or indoor/outdoor application. This 20oz. marine cut-loop carpet style is the most popular style of boat carpeting among bass boat and pontoon boat owners. The thick, lush feel it has under your feet is what our customers say they enjoy the most about this style of boat carpeting. Containing more carpet fibers per square inch, when compared to our standard 16oz. marine carpeting, makes this style of boat carpet a step up from the 16oz. carpeting. Our Premium 20oz. Cut-Loop Marine Carpet is offered in 11 great colors and many different sizes to fit your application. Custom carpet cuts are available!

(Best) Premium 20oz. Berber Textured Marine Carpet: Our NEW premium line of 20oz. Berber Textured Marine Grade Boat Carpet is perfect for any marine or indoor/outdoor application. Along with making your boat look like new again, our Berber Textured Boat Carpet will also add an extra touch of style and class that will make your boat stand out from all the rest. Enjoy all the same qualities as our 20oz. cut-loop marine carpet with the added Premium Berber Carpet look and feel. Our Marine Grade 20oz. Berber Textured Boat Carpet is offered in 9 beautiful colors and many different sizes to fit your application. Custom carpet cuts are available!

(Best) Luxury 24oz. Sculptured Marine Carpet: Our luxurious line of 24oz. Sculptured Marine Grade Boat Carpet is also great for any marine or indoor/outdoor application. This sculptured, top of the line, boat carpet is similar to the marine carpeting used on brand new luxury boats being built today. Enjoy all the same qualities as our other styles of boat carpets with the added look and feel of luxury. Transform your old boat into a luxury water craft this season with our 24oz. Sculptured Marine Carpet. The 24oz. Luxury Marine Grade Boat Carpet line offers 6 attractive colors and many different sizes to fit your application. Custom carpet cuts are available!
- Features Of Our Marine Grade Carpet -
  • All of our Marine Grade Boat Carpet is made using the highest quality UV-stabilized continuous filament polypropylene yarns. Which make the boat carpet Fade/UV Resistant.
  • Superior, durable DX Marine Rubber Backing featured on all of our carpet styles to help prevent water from seeping below the carpet, prolonging the life of your wood deck.
  • Our marine carpet is unlike household carpeting, in that it is made to be thinner, more durable and extremely plyable. This allows your boat deck to dry out faster helping to prevent mold and mildew. It also helps in resisting stains and makes the carpet very easy to clean with a simple house hold cleaner and warm water.
  • This boat carpeting is extremely plyable and easy to cut with a sharp razor knife. This is great for small, hard to reach, spaces and around lids and hatches on your boat.
  • Ravel resistant, glue down marine grade boat carpeting that exceeds the non-flammable requirements set by the Dept. of Commerce.
  • A great marine carpet for “Do-It-Yourself” applications!
  • All of our marine grade boat carpet is made here in the USA and comes with a 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • All our Marine Carpet Styles are universal and may be used as pontoon boat carpet, bass boat carpet, bayliner boat carpet, deck boat carpet, fishing boat carpet, ski boat carpet and may also be used on docks, decks and patios as a great indoor/outdoor carpet application.
- Additional Boat Carpet Central Info -
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