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Spray Adhesive

Quality, marine grade boat carpet adhesive!
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SKU: QUA01130

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Spray Marine Adhesive Details:

-Boat Carpet Central's 12oz. Spray Adhesive-

-Our spray adhesive has a higher cured strength than any other spray glue on the market today.-

-Complete with adjustable fan spray.-

-May be used on cloth, leather, cardboard, foam, fabrics and most plastics.-

-Superoir water resistance and high temp capability makes this glue very versatile.-


Our marine grade carpet glue will ensure that your carpet looks great season after season. When buying a marine grade carpet glue, don't go cheap. Some boat glue's actually eat away the carpet backing over time. This water-based marine adhesive is recommended by boat manufactures all over. It is worth to spend a little more on your boat carpet glue to protect your investment. This marine adhesive may be used on Pontoon Boats, Deck Boats, Bass Boats, Ski Boats, Jon Boats or on your patio or deck.

Our Recommendations:
  • For best results use this carpet glue at temperatures above 60 degrees.
  • Once new carpeting is installed and pressed with roller allow about 24hrs for glue to fully dry before replacing any seats, furniture or any other items that will be placed on top of new carpeting.
  • If you are replacing your carpet outdoors make sure that while you are letting the glue dry to fully cover the newly carpeted area to keep it from getting wet if it happens to rain. If your newly installed carpet happens to get wet before the glue is fully dried the water will stop the glue from curing and you may have to start over and replace your carpeting.


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